Message from the President

mike rizzoFor more than 30 years, Artel has served as a trusted global supplier of mission critical telecommunications and broadcast equipment. Our equipment can be found in some of the most respected broadcast centers throughout the world. With each technology change, Artel has shown tremendous flexibility by navigating the highly dynamic telecommunications sector, moving quickly to develop market-driven solutions and maintaining our leadership role in providing a critical piece of today’s media supply chain.

In 2014, the employees of Artel purchased the assets from the previous ownership. Externally, the change has been subtle, if noticed at all. Internally, however, we have a highly motivated team who recognize the value of delivering world-class technology and services to our customers. Our ability to serve our customers with 110% satisfaction is the key to our success. Hiring individuals who share this vision is required and a testament to our rigorous hiring process.

Our suppliers and business partners serve a vital role in allowing us to achieve our mission. We hold our partners equally accountable for delivering the same world-class customer service as we hold ourselves. After all, they are in the same line to serve our ultimate end customer.

Today, Artel remains focused on emerging technologies to better serve our markets. With our experienced staff of product development engineers, we are investing heavily into the development of new technologies for the future. While product reliability and simple user experience are core to our product expectations, providing new and innovative solutions is our passion. Our mission is to be a world-class manufacturer and provider of innovative IP- and fiber optic-based media transport solutions serving the global broadcast, telecommunications, and related markets. This mission sets our target and our course of action. We are keen to maintain our current position in the market, while also opening up new and exciting market opportunities.

One final point is our desire to support the community around us. Our ESOP Activities Committee, which is made up of several employees, not only creates fun internal events, but also spends a considerable amount of time identifying community service programs where our employees can either partake individually or as part of a larger crew. The positive spirit is contagious.

On behalf of all the employee owners at Artel, I thank you for your continued support and partnership as we venture into the future together.

Mike Rizzo
President & CEO