Hello! This year is shaping up to be a very busy and exciting year, both for Artel and our industry as a whole.

Changing Standards and Product Development
As you know, industry standards are in a state of transition. Thus, the technical requirements for products are continuously changing.  Artel is happy to be a part of the VSF Working Group on RIST, focused on developing technical specifications to ensure interoperability of equipment across vendors. 
Our industry involvement ensures our product roadmap matches both current and future standards. Flexibility is paramount, and the ability to update and control hardware through software is critical to ensuring our customers’ investments are protected. 

Timing is Critical
With the migration to IP based systems, issues of timing become more important than ever before. Synchronization of components including multiple cameras, microphones, and more, in both small and large systems is critical to a seamless broadcast experience for the viewer. Our industry has made significant progress with the adoption of Precision Timing Protocol (PTP). However, more work needs to be done to standardize behaviors during times of unstable network behavior or outage. 

Learn more about PTP by downloading our white paper.

Leveraging the Internet 
IP technology allows broadcasters to use the internet to access more markets than ever before. The ability to reliably broadcast from remote locations, reach rural customers, or scale production provides significant opportunity for broadcasters to grow revenue streams. Products that are reliable, economical, scalable, and easy to use are critical to leveraging the internet to expand market reach. 

Learn more about ARQ.

What’s Next?
Our engineering team has been hard at work, creating products that not only align to the standards, but have the flexibility to be updated with software to comply with new standards, so your investments are protected for years to come. 

2019 will be an exciting year for media transport applications. The migration to IP technology will continue as companies encounter changes, expansion, and compelling events. Artel Video Systems is looking forward to working with our current and future customers to facilitate these changes and help bring your projects to life.

Mike Rizzo, President and CEO
Artel Video Systems

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