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Copperlink 2380

3G/HD/SD-SDI Four Channel Analog Audio Embedder

Product Details

This product has been discontinued.

The Copperlink 2380 Series allows you to embed up to 4 channels (2 pairs) of analog line level audio into a 3G, HD or SD-SDI video signal in accordance with SMPTE standards. Convenient switches on the Copperlink 2380 embedder allow the operator to embed each of the two pairs of audio independently, to strip previously serialized audio, or to pass it through without modification, all on a pair by pair basis. Previously serialized data is left intact.

Signals are equalized and re-clocked prior to embedding and the product supports both balanced and unbalanced audio. 

The 2380 Series is compliant with SMPTE 259M-2006, 292-2006, 424M-2006, 272M, 291M, and 299-2008.

Available in card versions and a small footprint box version, it is ideal for broadcast or corporate studios, OB vans, rental and staging, auditoriums, stadiums and theaters, airport or transportation hubs, distance learning, surgical or medical imaging and more!

  • Specifications
  • Features
  • Specifications
    Audio Specifications
    Bits-per-Sample/Sampling Rate
    24 bits; 48 kHz
    Channel Phase Differential
    DB-25F, TASCAM Configuration, Channels 1-4
    Min. 100 dB (1 kHz)
    Selectable by group & pair; SMPTE compliant

    Pairs may be stripped, passed or embedded and are selectable on pair by pair basis
    Frequency Response
    20 Hz - 20 kHz, +0/-0.5 dB
    Input Impedance
    600 Ohms terminated; 
    >24 k Ohms unterminated
    Maximum Audio Level
    +24 dBu
    Number of Audio Channels
    4, balanced or unbalanced
    Output Impedance
    50 Ohms
    SDI Pre-Embedded Audio
    All channels supported for pass through
    SNR (A-Weighted)
    105 dB
    Input termination
    Audio group select
    Embed/Pass on a per-pair basis
    0.002%, 20 Hz - 20 kHz
    General Specifications
    Box Dimensions
    6.5 W x 1.15 H x 8 L (inches)
    165 W x 29 H x 203 L (mm)
    Data Rate lock (3G, HD, SD)
    Audio Status
    Alarm (card version only)
    39,000 Hours
    Operating Temperature
    -10º C to +50º C
    9-24 volts DC or 24 volts AC
    2380: 8.6 Watts, 29.3 BTU/Hr
    Slots in 6000A Card Cage
    approx. 1 lb.; 0.45 kg
    Serial Video BNC Input
    Data Rate Range
    270 Mbps to 2.97 Gbps
    Automatic up to 100m of Belden 1694A at 3.0 Gbps, 200m at 1.485 Gbps and 350m at 270 Mbps
    Number of Inputs
    Re-clocked Data Rates
    270 Mbps (SMPTE 259M), 
    1.485 Gbps (SMPTE 292), 
    2.97 Gbps (SMPTE 424M-2006)
    Return Loss
    >10dB up to 2.97 Gbps
    Supported Standards
    SMPTE 259M, 292, 424M-2006
    Serial Video BNC Output
    Alignment Jitter
    < 0.2 UI at 270 Mbps; 
    < 0.2 UI at 1.485 Gbps; 
    < 0.3 UI at 2.97 Gbps with color bar signal
    DC Offset
    0V ± 0.5V
    Number of Outputs
    < 10% of amplitude
    At 270 Mbps, 1.485 Gbps & 2.97 Gbps
    Rise/Fall Time
    < 135 ps at 2.97 Gbps per SMPTE 424M-2006; 
    < 270 ps at 1.485 Gbps per SMPTE 292;
    0.4 ns to 1.5 ns at 270 Mbps per SMPTE 259M
    Signal Level
    800mV ± 10%
    Timing Jitter
    < 0.2 UI at 270 Mbps; 
    < 1.0 UI at1.485 Gbps; 
    < 2.0 UI at 2.97 Gbps with color bar signal
  • Features
    • 3G/HD/SD-SDI - This product supports SMPTE complaint 3G, HD and SD-SDI data rates.
    • Box and Card - This product is available in a box or card configuration.
    • HDTV Resolutions to 1080p - This product supports HDTV resolutions of 480p, 720p and 1080p.
    • Analog Audio Embedding - This product can embed analog audio into the SDI signal