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DigiLink DLC450

HD, SD, ASI, and Gig-E Transport over 10 Gig Ethernet Gateway
HD, SD, ASI, and Gig-E Transport Over 10 Gig Ethernet Gateway

Product Details

The DLC450 utilizes SMPTE 2022-1/2 or 5/6 Video-Over-IP Standards for transport of HD/SD-SDI, ASI video and includes a Gig-E IP interface to bridge IP data over the 10 Gig Ethernet IP interface.

Integrating seamlessly within the DigiLink platform, the DLC450 module is customer configurable via DigiLink Manager or via SNMPv2 as either a Video-Over-IP Transmitter (TX mode) or a Video-Over-IP Receiver (RX mode). In TX mode, the DLC450 packetizes the video to SMPTE 2022-6 or 2022-2 encapsulation standards and provides users with flexible SMPTE 2022-5 or 2022-1 FEC configurations to maximize reliability and minimize latency and overhead. In RX mode, its robust multi-pass FEC correction algorithm and user configurable packet buffering enable reliable performance over less than ideal Ethernet links.The DLC450 sets the bar for flexible, reliable, and easy-to-configure HD/SD-SDI, ASI, and Gig-E transport over IP.


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  • Specifications
    Operating temperature
    0 to 50°C
    Ambient storage temperature
    -40 to 80°C
    Relative humidity (non-condensing)
    10 to 95%
    Power dissipation
    17 Watts
    <2 pounds, (1kg)
    0.8” x 5” x 10.8”
    1 slot in DigiLink chassis
    Electrical Interface
    Rear BNC 75 ohm

    Rear BNC 75 ohm

    Front HD-BNC 75ohm

    Return loss
    >15 dB, 5-1485 MHz
    Cable equalization for Belden 1694A type cable

    0 to 100 meters (1.485 Gb/s)

    0 to 250 meters (270 Mb/s)

    Video Interface
    HD-SDI (SMPTE 259M)
    SD-SDI (SMPTE 259M, ITU 656)
    10G Network Interface
    Ethernet SFP+
    Optical Connectors
    10 Gig-E
    Gig E Network Interface
    Data Rates
    10/100/1000 Ethernet
    External SFP
    1 (Optical or RJ45)
    1 to other modules in DigiLink Chassis
    Regulatory Conformance

    NEBS Level 3, CSA 60950
    EN60950, EN55022 FCC Part 15 (Class A)
    CISPR 22

  • Features


    Video-Over-IP Transport of HD/SD-SDI and ASI
    Single module user configurable as a transmitter or receiver
    Fully transparent carriage of HD/SD-SDI, and ASI including audio and ancillary data
    Gig E data bridged over 10G interface


    Automatic rate selection

    • 1.485 Gb/s HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M)
    • 270 Mb/s SD-SDI (SMPTE 259M-C, ITU 656)
    • DVB-ASI

    Standards-based encapsulation and forward error correction

    • SMPTE 2022-6 IP Encapsulation of HD and SD SDI
    • SMPTE 2022-5 FEC recovers lost, damaged, or delayed packets of HD and SD SDI
    • SMPTE 2022-1 FEC recovers lost, damaged or delayed packets

    Flexible user configurable FEC and buffering setting

    • Selectable transmitter row and column Forward Error Correction settings
    • Selectable receiver buffering
    • Designed to withstand burst outages in excess of 3 ms

    Supports unicast or multicast streaming
    Externally accessible SFP+ transceiver

    • WDM (1310 nm, 1550 nm)
    • CWDM ITU G.694.2 (Channels 27-61)
    • DWDM ITU G.694.1 (Channels 21-60)

    Externally accessible SFP transceiver

    • Optical budget to 33dB
    • WDM (1310nm, 1550nm)
    • CWDM ITU G.694.2 (Channels 27-61)
    • DWDM ITU G.694.1 (Channels 21-60)

    Front panel HD-BNC monitor
    1G Ethernet SFP Electrical/Optical Interface
    Auto-Negotiable to 10/100/1000
    Configure, monitor, and manage via on-board DigiLink Manager or SNMPv2
    Low power design consumes a single function slot in a DigiLink chassis

  • Diagrams
  • Compliance
    • NEBS Level 3
    • CSA 60950
    • EN60950
    • EN55022 FCC Part 15 (Class A)
    • CISPR 22

  • Downloads