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DigiLink XView New

Management Platform
XView Management System for DigiLink and InfinityLink

Product Details

XView is a browser-based, network level monitoring and management platform for DigiLink and InfinityLink chassis, function modules (including the SMART media delivery platform), optics, and power supplies. XView provides the status of DigiLink and InfinityLink deployments displaying the location and severity of alarms with one-click access to launch DLManager or ILManager for further diagnostics and configuration. 

Providing a network level view of the DigiLink and InfinityLink systems deployed in your network, xView provides alarm status, and specifics on active alarms using SNMP messages generated by the devices it is monitoring.

  • Ideal for networks of all sizes, it supports tiered architectures providing an aggregation of DigiLink and InfinityLink network elements for larger networks requiring regional and national monitoring.
  • Monitors DigiLink and InfinityLink chassis, function modules, optics, and power supplies via SNMPv2
  • Launch DLManager and ILManager sessions from within xView for further diagnostics and configuration.



  • Features
  • Features

    SNMPv2c and web monitoring and management of

    • DigiLink and InfinityLink chassis
    • Function modules, including the SMART Media Delivery Platform
    • Power supplies


    • Major and minor alarms and events
    • Detailed card status
    • Alarm status
    • Alarm details


    • One-click launching of DL Manager or IL Manager 

    Non-volatile time stamped event log

    • Major/minor alarms
    • Startup sequence
    • New hardware installation
    • Revision status


    • Download/upgrade software via web