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FiberLink 5018A

Two-Way RS-Type Data over Fiber
Two-Way RS-Type Data over Fiber

Product Details

The Fiberlink 5018 Universal Data Transceiver digitally transmits RS-232/422/485 data over multimode or single mode fiber at 850 or 1310 nm. It transmits and receives all standard data-related signals in accordance with EIA specifications. The 5012 is suitable for simplex, full duplex and drop-and-repeat operation, making it ideal for Data Acquisition, Intelligent Transportation, Industrial and Manufacturing applications.

Transmits and receives all standard data-related signals in accordance with EIA specifications
May be easily user-configured for the desired protocol, including mixed protocols
Transmitter and receiver may be configured differently
Adjustment free; all digital processing and transmission
Wide operating data rate, with low-speed mode (DC up to 2.1 mbps; 200 Kbps for RS-232) and high-speed mode (10 Kbps - 10 mbps)
Extended ambient operating range
Data-derived or RTS transmit/receive switching (RS-485)
Indicator LEDS monitor signal and power
Card version fills one slot in 6000A card cage
RoHS Compliant

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  • Features
    • RS-Type Data - This product transmits and receives RS-Type data.
    • Single Mode and Multimode Fiber - This product supports both Single Mode and Multimode fiber types in the same unit with no special ordering, configuration or tweaks.
    • Box and Card - This product is available in a box or card configuration.
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