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InfinityLink DLT710

Digital Video Generator and Tester
DLT710 Digital Video Generator and Tester

Product Details

Artel’s DLT710 Digital Video Generator and Tester is an innovative, DigiLink based solution for simple, automatic link verification of serial digital video formats. Functioning as both a signal generator and test monitor for 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, DVB-ASI, and ATSC, the DLT710 is ideal for automatic verification of single or multi-format video links.

A universal digital video link test and verification module, the DLT710 provides complete, one-touch “go-no-go” performance testing for all common video rates and formats. Its unique design allows for one or more formats to be selected simultaneously enabling automatic verification of multi-format video links.

As a test signal generator, the DLT710 video generator outputs a continuous video signal of a single selected format or a timed sequence through each selected format. When configured as a monitor for a single format it will continuously monitor live digital video and indicate rate and physical layer signal quality. With more than one format selected, the module automatically verifies each rate has been received. With this unique multi-purpose module, verification of a multi-service video link can be performed in less than five minutes. The DLT710 is an ideal solution for link verification of digital video circuits.
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  • Specifications
    Video Electrical Interface

    1 BNC 75 Ohm (panel)  

    Other modules in chassis via backplane


    2 BNC 75 Ohm (panel)

    1 mini 75 Ohm SMB (front panel)

    Other modules in chassis via backplane

    Return loss (input, output, monitor)

    > 15 dB 5-1485 MHz

    > 10 dB 1486-2970 MHz

    Cable equalization for Belden 1694A
    0 to 50 meters
    Output amplitude
    800mVP-p, ± 10%
    Rise/fall time
    Generation frequency stability
    ± 2.5 ppm maximum
    Output jitter*
    Ambient operating temperature
    0 to 50°C
    Ambient storage temperature
    -40 to 80°C
    Relative humidity (non-condensing)
    10 to 95%
    Power dissipation
    8 Watts
    Regulatory Compliance
    CSA 60950, EN60950, EN55022, FCC Part 15 (Class A), CISPR 22
  • Features

    Single-module provides generation and verification for:

    • 2.97Gb/s 3G-SDI (SMPTE 424M)
    • 1080p/59.94
    • 1080p/50
    • 1.485Gb/s HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M)
    • 1080i/59.94
    • 1080i/50
    • 720p/59.94
    • 720p/50
    • 270Mb/s SD-SDI (SMPTE 259M)
    • 525i/59.94
    • 625i/50
    • 270Mb/s DVB-ASI
    • 19.39Mb/s ATSC (SMPTE 310M)

    Video generator functions

    • User selectable rates and formats
    • SDI color bars or pathological test signals both with audio tone
    • Stored MPEG video stream
    • Automatically sequences through all selected formats
    • Output to two BNCs and chassis backplane

    Video monitor functions

    • Test for EDH, CRC
    • Automatically detects input signal
    • Tests DVB-ASI and SMPTE 310 transport streams
    • DVB-ASI inversion detection
    • Detects and verifies all selected formats
    • Input from BNC or chassis backplane
    • Indicates low-level or double terminated inputs

    Remote management via DL-Manager

    • No external software required
    • HTTP or SNMPv2c
    • Configure, monitor
    • Upgrade firmware
    • Time-stamped event log
  • Diagrams
  • Compliance
  • Downloads