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InfinityLink ILC274

SD-SDI, ASI Digital Video 4 Ch TDM Mux/Demux
SD-SDI, ASI Digital Video 4 Ch TDM Mux/Demux

Product Details

The ILC274 utilizes Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) to combine four independent 270Mb/s video signals into one optical channel.

The ILC274M and ILC274D provide a space efficient and cost-effective method of transporting up to four 270Mb/s digital video services over a single optical wavelength.  Services can be any combination of 270Mb/s video signals including SDI, SDTI, and DVB-ASI. Optical regeneration or repeating is accomplished using the ILC274D which includes drop and continue capabilities, ILC103AILC300, or any other system capable of repeating a 1.485Gb/s signal. Using 1310nm, 1550nm, CWDM, or DWDM Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) optics the ILC274 enables transport of up to 160 270Mb/s circuits over a single fiber.

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  • Specifications
    Operating temperature
    0 to 50°C
    Ambient storage temperature
    -40 to 80°C
    Relative humidity
    10 to 95% (non-condensing)
    Power dissipation
    <7 Watts
    0.8” x 5” x 10.8”  (1 slot in InfinityLink chassis)
    Optical Interface
    Electrical Interface
    270Mb/s signal formats
    - SD-SDI (SMPTE 259M-C, ITU 656)
    - SDTI (SMPTE 305M)
    - DVB-ASI
    - Others 270Mb/s services (+100 ppm)
    Signal polarity
    Non Inverting
    Input (4) BNC 75 Ohm (ILC274M)
    Output (4) BNC 75 Ohm (ILC274D)
    Monitor mini 75 Ohm SMB
    Return loss
    >15 dB, 5-270 MHz
    Regulatory Conformance
    CSA 60950, EN60950, EN55022, FCC Part 15 (Class A), CISPR 22
  • Features

    Single slot card set

    Transport four 270Mb/s video circuits on a single optical wavelength

    • Support any combination of:
      • SD-SDI (SMPTE 259M-C, ITU 656)
      • SDTI (SMPTE 305M)
      • DVB-ASI
      • Other 270Mb/s services
    • Use with ILC170 for composite analog transport
    • Full reclocking removes jitter from SDI

    Industry-standard 1.485Mb/s output

    Space efficient

    • Utilizes one slot in the InfinityLink chassis 
    • Transports up to 16 video circuits per rack unit

    Externally accessible SFP transceiver optics

    • Optical budget to 33dB
    • WDM (1310nm, 1550nm)
    • CWDM ITU G.694.2 (Channels 27-61)
    • DWDM ITU G.694.1 (Channels 21-60)

    Multiple monitoring options

    • Switch sellectable front panel monitor of individual channels (mini 75 Ohm SMB)
    • Front and rear panel status LEDs
      • Loss of video (individual channels)
      • Loss of optical input
      • Laser (SFP) fail

    Remote management via InfinityLink Manager

    • No external software required
    • HTTP or SNMPv2
    • Monitor, Configure, Upgrade firmware
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