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DigiLink - Media Transport Simplified

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At the heart of the DigiLink platform are its innovative chassis.  While each chassis offers a unique set of capacities, features, and options, the DigiLink function modules are platform compatible, creating an integrated solution supporting virtually any type of deployment or operating environment. 

All DigiLink chassis are space efficient, low power, rugged and reliable.  Monitoring and management is via external status LEDs, a feature rich HTTP interface, and SNMPv2 capabilities.  Side to rear cooling design enables non-spaced deployment, further enhancing space efficiency, and low power consumption minimalizes cooling requirements and fan noise enabling deployment in sound and power restricted environments.

One of DigiLink’s most unique architecture features is its internal signal routing capabilities that virtually eliminate the need for external cross connects, video routers or Ethernet switches. The combination of video transport capabilities, innovative design and legendary reliability make DigiLink the ideal solution for all you video centric transport needs. 

DL4360x – 3 RU 12 slot, dual AC or DC power with HTTP/SNMP management and routing

The DL4360x unique design combines the functions of a modular based transport platform with internal routing of both video and Ethernet traffic.  This approach eliminates the need for external cross connects and significantly simplifies routing and re-routing of video and Ethernet traffic to meet changing requirements.  The DL4360x is ideal for operating environments where active management of signal routing is critical.

DL4000 Chassis

– 1 RU 4 slot, dual AC or DC power with HTTP/SNMP management and routing

At 1 RU, less than 10 inches deep and consuming less than 60 watts fully loaded the DL4000 is designed for smaller deployments where space and power is a consideration.  Its legendary durability and reliability have made it one of North America’s most deployed chassis for video transport.  DL4000 offers full internal signal routing between all modules and supports both HTTP and SNMP management.

DL4100 – Single Slot external AC power

Designed to hold a single function module the DL4100 is portable and an ideal solution for remote temporary deployments, and single channel applications.


  • Space efficient: 4 function modules per RU, 10.5” deep
  • Stackable non-spaced deployment. Side and front-to-rear cooling.
  • Low power
  • Quiet operation with variable fans
  • Rugged and reliable, NEBS Level 3 Certification (DL4360x, DL4000)
  • Integrated SNMP or HTTP monitoring and management
  • Internal video and Ethernet communication eliminates external cross connect cabling and provides for remote routing and configuration
  • Dual AC, DC, or one of each hot-swappable power supplies (DL4360x, DL4000)


  • NEBS Level 3 (DL4360x, DL4000)
  • GR-63
  • GR-1089
  • CSA 60950
  • EN60950 and 55022
  • FCC Part 15 (Class A)
  • CISPR 22