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DigiLink - Media Transport Simplified

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DigiLink DL4360x Chassis

DigiLink is a state-of-the-art modular platform leveraging Artel’s 30 years of carrier-class video transport experience.  DigiLink is specifically designed to meet the need for a low cost, rugged, and simplified design for transporting broadcast-quality video and Ethernet across IP networks, direct fiber, and optical backbones. 

The most deployed solution for the North American metro-regional video-over-fiber market, DigiLink is used by all major broadcasters and networks for their critical contribution feeds for major sporting, news, and live events.  DigiLink is the industry’s gold standard for simplicity of design, legendary reliability, and cost-effectiveness.  A tightly integrated platform, it also offers uncompressed video-over-IP transport, integrated video and Ethernet switching, and JPEG 2000 compression. 

Designed specifically to meet the unique requirements of broadcast video transport, DigiLink features multi-purpose, single-piece function modules, multiple ruggedized chassis, external optics in all standard wavelengths, and front panel accessible status LEDs and video monitor ports for each module.  NEBS Level 3 Certification across the entire platform ensures it is the most rugged and dependable video transport platform ever developed.

DL4360x – 3 RU 12 slot, dual AC or DC power with HTTP/SNMP management and routing

DL4360x features an advanced design combining modular-based transport functions with internal routing capabilities for video and Ethernet traffic. By eliminating external cross connects while staying in native video or Ethernet format, the DL4360x streamlines routing and rerouting of video and Ethernet traffic, reducing operational expenses, and providing an ideal solution for remote sites where immediate and timely reconfiguration is required via EMS or NMS. 

DL4120 - 1 RU 4-Slot with 20x20 video and Ethernet switching and routing, integrated HTTP and SNMP management, and dual AC power. 

The DL4120 features the same advanced design as the DL4360x combining modular-based transport functionalities with internal routing capabilities for video and Ethernet traffic in a space-efficient 1 RU design. Additionally, the chassis includes dual, integrated AC power supplies, and on-board chassis management.  The DL4120 is ideal where advanced switching and management are a requirement and cost and space is a concern. 

DL4000 Chassis

– 1 RU 4 slot, dual AC or DC power with HTTP/SNMP management and routing

At 1 RU and capable of holding up to 4 function modules, the DL4000 is ideal for smaller deployments or portable applications. Using a passive backplane design, the DL4000 is capable of internally routing video and Ethernet signals between modules.  Its legendary durability and reliability have made it one of North America’s most deployed chassis for video transport. The DL4000 offers full internal signal routing between all modules and supports both HTTP and SNMP management.

DL4100 – Single Slot external AC power

Designed to hold a single function module the DL4100 is portable and an ideal solution for remote temporary deployments, and single channel applications.  


  • Space efficient: 4 function modules per RU, 10.5” deep
  • Stackable non-spaced deployment. Side and front-to-rear cooling.
  • Low power
  • Quiet operation with variable fans
  • Rugged and reliable, NEBS Level 3 Certification (DL4360x, DL4000)
  • Integrated SNMP or HTTP monitoring and management
  • Internal video and Ethernet communication eliminates external cross connect cabling and provides for remote routing and configuration
  • Dual AC, DC, or one of each hot-swappable power supplies (DL4360x, DL4000)


  • NEBS Level 3 (DL4360x, DL4000)
  • GR-63
  • GR-1089
  • CSA 60950
  • EN60950
  • FCC Part 15 (Class A)
  • CISPR 22