JPEG 2000 Compression

Artel’s DigiLink platform provides a low-cost solution for JPEG 2000 compression. 

The DLC610 HD-SDI JPEG 2000 compression module is a user programmable JPEG 2000 encoder or decoder featuring low latency with industry standard ASI encapsulation.  The flexible design enables the DLC610 module to be used as a low-cost standalone solution for integration into industry standard ASI equipment, or work in the highly integrated DigiLink platform with its internal routing of video and Ethernet traffic for transport, trunking, and distribution.

An ideal solution for transporting high quality HD-SDI signals across DVB-ASI compatible networks, the DLC610 module utilizes the IntoPix® compression core to compress HD-SDI into an 80 to 180Mb/s JPEG 2000 video codestream and then, encapsulated with all audio and ancillary data, into DVB-ASI per industry standards. The resulting DVB-ASI stream is now ready to be transported via fiber links, Gig-E, and/or optical networks for decoding and delivery using another DLC610 or other industry standard JPEG 2000 decoders.

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