Artel Partners with Ward Beck for Audio over IP Demo at NAB

Quarra PTP Ethernet Switch family

Artel Video Systems and Ward-Beck Systems, a manufacturer of equipment for the radio and television broadcasting industry, will partner at the 2018 NAB Show to demonstrate audio over IP accuracy showcasing the companies’ SMPTE ST 2110 and AES67 solutions.

Artel will showcase an integrated, active, end-to-end network highlighting the SMPTE ST 2110 and AES67 audio-over-IP accuracy capabilities of its Quarra PTP Ethernet switches. The Quarra features the industry’s most accurate IEEE 1588 timing and synchronization for nanosecond-level timing along with synchronous (L1) Ethernet, master, and slave modes (transparent and boundary clock modes). It is also RAVENNA® AES67-approved and Dante-, QSC-, and Calrec-tested.

Audio input will come through Ward-Beck’s preMO-A1 remote microphone pre-amp for RAVENNA AES67 networks. The preMO-A1, now with NMOS discovery and SMPTE ST 2110 30 operability, is an all-in-one network on-ramp combining a microphone pre-amp, analog-to-digital converter, AES67 stream builder, and network interface controller. Ward-Beck’s AMS2-N RAVENNA/AES67 audio receiver supports ST 2110-30 and will provide audio monitoring.

The demonstration will also highlight Layer 2 and Layer 3 network routing with Artel’s SMART Media Delivery Platform™ for reliable and accurate video, audio, and data transport.

“With the acceptance of standards such as SMPTE ST 2110 and AES67, migrating to all IP is becoming a reality,” said Rafael Fonseca, Vice President of Product Management at Artel. “This integrated demo was specifically designed to address the interoperability and audio accuracy requirements for end users navigating toward IP ecosystems.”

Ward-Beck plans a similar interop showcasing Artel’s Quarra 1G PTP Ethernet switch.

“The Quarra serves as the PTP master clock in our system design lab, qualifying the best master clock algorithm and making it possible to tweak the timing performance of our AES67/ST 2110-30 audio devices with tremendous accuracy — which was critical to perfecting the demonstrations people will see at NAB,” said Anthony Kuzub, Audio Solutionist, Ward-Beck. “By establishing a PTP boundary, the Quarra enables vital segmentation of the network to keep traffic negotiation under control. Quarra’s Ethernet connections support 100 Mbps throughput to allow many small edge devices to move large amounts of data with accurate PTP synchronization.”

2018 NAB Show attendees are encouraged to stop by Artel booth SU6102 to learn more.

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