Artel Video Systems Introduces New Functionality for the DigiLink 4000 Platform

The DLC156 enables up to six uncompressed HD-SDI or three 3G-SDI signals to be transported over an optical channel. Available in 1310nm, 1550nm, CWDM or DWDM wavelengths users can transport up to one-hundred-twenty 3G-SDI, two-hundred-forty HD-SDI, nine-hundred-sixty 270Mb/s video services, or in combination over a single strand of fiber.

The module set incorporates numerous unique features including a design utilizing the latest low power semiconductor enabling it to draw less than 20 watts. To maximize the optical budget, Forward Error Correction (FEC) was added extending the reach to an industry leading 30dB. Additionally the transport stream is 10.7Gb/s enabling transport across OTN optical networks.

“Customers asked us to come up with a low cost, feature rich solution for transporting multiple uncompressed 3G and HD signals over a single wavelength or a managed optical network. Once again Artel engineers were up to the challenge creating a product that dramatically improves on existing options.” said Richard Dellacanonica, president of Artel Video Systems. “With the release of the DLC156 Artel now offers the most up to date solution set for optical transport of broadcast quality video in metro-regional environments. In addition, we continue to rapidly expand DigiLink 4000 capabilities to include transport and routing of video across Ethernet and Optical networks.”

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