Artel Video Systems Preps for VidTrans 2014


Artel Video Systems — Booth 16

At VidTrans 2014, Artel will demonstrate the DigiLink media transport platform. DigiLink provides broadcasters, telco operators, CATV operators, and service providers with a compact, easy to deploy and support solution for transporting media across fiber, IP, and optical networks.

Technology Demos

Video and Ethernet Data Over IP

Along with a complete set of solutions for transporting video and Ethernet across fiber and optical networks, DigiLink now supports HD-SDI, SD-SDI, DVB-ASI using SMPTE 2022 standards, and Ethernet over IP networks, enabling users to operate in any environment or network infrastructure.

Integrated Signal Routing

Artel will showcase DigiLink’s integrated signal routing capability at VidTrans 2014. The ability to route video and Ethernet signals simply, reliably, and in real time within the DigiLink chassis eliminates the need for external video routers and Ethernet switches. DigiLink routing is in the native format simplifying the process and eliminating unnecessary cost and reliability issues. Configuration is made easy using an embedded intuitive HTTP interface or SNMP.

JPEG2000 Compression

JPEG2000 is rapidly becoming the compression standard for high-quality media across IP and optical networks. At VidTrans 2014, Artel will demonstrate its cost-effective and easy to deploy JPEG2000 compression solution for bandwidth-limited IP networks and ASI infrastructures.

J2K Interop Plug Fest

Artel will participate in the J2K Interop Plug Fest demonstration at VidTrans 2014. The demonstration is designed to show that multiple vendors, including Artel, are in compliance with VSF Technical Recommendations VSF TR-1 (Transport of JPEG2000 broadcast profile video in MPEG-2 TS over IP).

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