Artel Video Systems Releases Enhanced Monitoring and Management System for DigiLink Video Transport Platform

DL-Manager II is an HTTP and SNMPv2 based Element Management System (EMS) for remote monitoring, configuration, and management of the DigiLink chassis, function modules, optics, and power supplies.

DL-Manager II features a much richer user interface, more user friendly and intuitive page layouts, additional information on current system status, and enhanced event logging capabilities.  It continues to be HTTP based, compatible with all major browsers, and requires no installation of software on the host machine.  In addition, a complete set of SNMPv2 get and set commands compatible with all major Network Management Systems (NMS) is available.  DL-Manager II is compatible with all DigiLink chassis and function modules and can be remotely upgraded into any management module.  Customers can download the upgrade free of charge from Artel’s website at:

“In releasing DL-Manager II, Artel continues to enhance and expand DigiLink capabilities. With on-board switches, front and rear panel status LEDs, HTTP and SNMP remote monitoring and configuration, DigiLink is by far the most flexible system on the market.” said Richard Dellacanonica, President of Artel.  “Development of the DL-Manager II was the result of customer feedback who requested additional functionality in managing their DigiLink networks and more intuitive navigation.  Our focus on listening to customers’ inputs and suggestions is now driving the development of the next generation DigiLink chassis and function modules coming to market over the next 12 months. ”

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