Artel’s FiberLink Ensures Reliable Audio and Data Transport for General Dynamics Electric Boat Shipyard


Artel Video Systems today announced that General Dynamics Electric Boat has upgraded audio and data transport for the large-scale, 24/7 Casualty Control (CASCON) System at its Groton, Connecticut, shipyard with the installation of Artel’s FiberLink 5200/5201 systems. The Artel transmitter/receiver pairs provide reliable performance, ensure consistent signal quality, and enable transport of multiple signal types used to support this vital — and mandated by the U.S. Navy — large-scale shipyard safety system.

“The importance of this upgrade can’t be stressed enough,” said Patrick Casey, senior systems test engineer at General Dynamics Electric Boat. “When our original fiber transport system was failing regularly, all construction in the shipyard came to a halt. Not only did construction stop, but it put personnel and equipment safety in jeopardy. We fully converted our system to all Artel components, and they are functioning great. We’ve seen a drastic improvement, and other engineers in our group have taken notice of the success we’ve had with Artel — doing their own research into converting their fiber components.”

High capacity, light weight, low loss, reliability over shorter distances, natural immunity to electrical interference, and high data security make multi-mode fiber an ideal choice for data and audio transport across an ever-changing industrial environment. General Dynamics Electric Boat is leveraging its new Artel gear to take full advantage of all these benefits. In addition to ensuring stable, predictable, long-term performance, the FL5200 series from Artel readily handles bidirectional audio, RS-type data, Ethernet, and contact closure over a single fiber transmitter/receiver pair.

“Shipyards depend on 24/7 emergency systems to ensure safety throughout construction, but a CASCON System can only function effectively when supported by reliable, high-performing audio and data transport,” said Paul Seiden, director of sales at Artel. “Our FiberLink systems meet all these requirements and more, and we’re pleased to see that they are making an immediate and significant impact for General Dynamics Electric Boat.”