FiberLink Shines in Education Applications

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Well before distance learning became a necessary part of modern educational offerings, fiber-based transport of video, audio, and data played a critical role in supporting teaching, administrative, and other vital activities — particularly for colleges and universities spread across larger campuses, or even multiple locations.

Across classrooms, labs, lecture halls, housing, sports venues, campus communications, administrative offices, campus security, and other campus facilities, fiber optic transport brings video, audio, and data to students, faculty, and staff when and where they need it.

Providing robust and reliable fiber optic transmission solutions for virtually every type of signal, from 4K/3G/HD/SD-SDI to composite video, DVI and RGBHV, with versions supporting multimode and single-mode fiber, Artel’s FiberLink product family has supported a wide array of educational institutions in implementing high-quality media and data transport. Because they’re affordable and easy to deploy, FiberLink products make it easy to leverage fiber networks to move signals between buildings and across campus.

Today, many university systems include campuses across the country, even around the world, and they use FiberLink to take recordings of classroom lectures back to a master control room and server area for subsequent on-demand access by students from anywhere at any time.

Sports facilities across university and college campuses likewise use FiberLink to connect back to in-house production studios. A football stadium, basketball arena, baseball field, and other venues can easily send multiple SDI feeds — increasingly 4K video — to the centralized production area for broadcast or streaming. For those universities that rent rather than own their fiber links, FiberLink offers the advantage of multiplexing SDI signals over fewer fiber strands, with no distortion or equalization and deskewing. Reducing their rental costs, institutions can reduce the overall cost of media and data transport.

Over the years, Artel has expanded the FiberLink product family to accommodate the latest requirements in video, audio, and data transport. Educational institutions are taking advantage of this trusted product range to extend their own capabilities in supporting richer teaching and learning experiences across their campuses and beyond.

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