NAB Recap Trends and Challenges Facing the Broadcast Industry

Rafael FonsecaLike many who flocked to the NAB Show in April, Rafael Fonseca, VP of Product Management set out with an agenda packed full of customer and partner meetings, industry and technical sessions, visiting the IP Showcase and many exhibits trying to absorb as much information before the show ended.  During a debriefing session, Rafael Fonseca shared a few industry trends, customer challenges, and Artel’s response to addressing these issues.  

AVS:  What industry trends are impacting our customers?

RF:  We are seeing three major trends affecting customers: migration to All-IP network infrastructures,  flexible workflows and network automation, and being able to present to their customers the best products they can.

AVS:  What are the challenges customers face and how are they responding to their customer’s needs for excellence while managing costs and increasing efficiencies? 

RF:  While it may seem a bit counterintuitive, to increase efficiencies and workflows customers need to adopt new technologies, mainly embracing and moving toward All-IP networking.  The challenges broadcasters and others face include determining how to transition to IP be it to all-IP, or establishing mixed IP/SDI paths or hybrid IP/fiber networks to best manage workflows and the transmission of content. Understanding how they will orchestrate these changes to minimize interruptions and developing new best practices as it pertains to service monitoring and service assurances is paramount. Technology and the industry is constantly changing and customers are looking for new ways of capturing and delivering content and leveraging the public internet to expand their product offerings.  

AVS:  How is Artel approaching these trends and challenges?

RF:  Artel is addressing the trends we see and providing solutions that tackle the challenges that customers are facing head on and in unison.  You’ll see an approach that is evolutionary in nature.  We’re looking to meet our customers’ needs.  They have businesses to run and have a lot of investment in the technology they have been using all along. We want to evolve the product lines we have, and, at the same time, continue to enhance the technologies that are customers are very familiar with. 

AVS:  Can you provide an example?

RF:  We highlighted this evolution in our DigiLink and InfinityLink platforms showcased at the NAB Show.  Our IP solutions have evolved over the years and we’re now adding more port density, IP networking capabilities such as SMPTE 2022-7 seamless protection switching, and data networking capabilities.  We’re improving customers’ visibility into their deployments with a new element management system. We’re looking at new solutions offering new ways to capture and deliver content to other places.  Also, we’re able to deliver a solution today for broadcasters transitioning from ATSC 1.0 to 3.0 solution.

AVS:  Who will benefit most from this evolution?     

RF:  I think it’s going to be a global play and the markets are various. Anyone in the business of producing content and then delivering to an audience, from broadcast and telco, to government, sports, and campus networks.  

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