New DigiLink System Simplifies Video Transport

Artel Video Systems will be demonstrating an innovative new chassis and a series of new function modules for the DigiLink Video Transport platform. The new chassis integrates video and Ethernet transport capabilities with internal traffic routing. Artel’s innovative design allows technicians and network engineers to combine what has in the past been a multiple platform solution, into a single, compact, 3 RU, ultra-low power, high-reliability solution. “This approach eliminates the need for external cross connects, significantly simplifies routing and re-routing of video and Ethernet traffic to meet changing requirements,” notes Richard Dellacanonica, president of Artel.

The chassis holds up to twelve function modules with each of the twelve slots supporting up to ten video services of any format from 3G-SDI to DVB-ASI, five Gig-E ports, multiple 10Gig-E ports, or a combination of both based on the installed module.

A comprehensive set of function modules integrates video and Ethernet transport, video routing and trunking, Ethernet aggregation, optical multiplexing, JPEG2000 compression, audio embedding, signal generator, and circuit verification functions into a single integrated platform. “This innovative design creates a truly unique platform for contribution quality video transport,” adds Dellacanonica.

Additionally, Artel will be showcasing updated HTTP and SNMP management software designed to simplify deployment and provide enhanced status and logging capabilities.

Please contact to schedule a demonstration, or stop by the Artel booth at Cable-Tec booth 2316, or SMPTE booth 301.

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