PTP Boundary Clock Testing of Artel’s Quarra switch

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Video, audio, and metadata signals have always depended on precise synchronization along the entire delivery chain. As the industry transitions to IP networks for all aspects of the signal processing path, accurate timing becomes more difficult, due to the fundamentally asynchronous, non-deterministic nature of packet-based networks.

As we know by now the solution is Precision Time Protocol (PTP) as it can synchronize device clocks to within nanoseconds across a large network with many hundreds of nodes.

The Quarra range of boundary and transparent clock switches are PTP capable, offering an excellent solution set for reducing jitter in a real-time media IP network.  As the broadcast industry continues to migrate toward all-IP networks, providing reliable solutions to manage IP-based workflows becomes paramount to maintaining efficiencies and ensuring the delivery of mission-critical multimedia streams.

Read this PTP Boundary Clock Testing of Artel’s Quarra switch by Simplexity to find out exactly how precise it is!


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