Quarra Fits the Bill for Calrec


As a leading designer and supplier of audio broadcast mixing equipment, Calrec offers solutions that help radio broadcasters to engage audiences in innovative ways. The rising popularity of streaming services has increased competition and made interactive engagement with listeners an increasingly important capability for these broadcasters.


Calrec introduced its Type R radio console to provide the flexibility radio broadcasters need to compete. Using Type R as a building block for their operations, broadcast stations can adapt readily to new business opportunities and changing technical requirements.

In specifying audio-over-IP (AoIP) solutions and IP infrastructure around the Type R console, Calrec needed an attractively priced PTP-capable switch with models and options suited to different use cases. Although the fundamentals of many projects are similar, the company needed a switch with robust functionality that would ensure that users could adjust as needed during design and implementation.


Calrec has chosen to incorporate Artel’s Quarra PTP Ethernet switches into project specifications for its Type R console. Equipped with a high-end synchronization design that minimizes time drift, the Quarra range of IP PTP switches is ideal for carrier class applications requiring accurate timing and control.

“We wanted to recommend a PTP-capable switch which would cater to relatively small AoIP networks with four to six endpoints at an affordable price, and the Quarra 1G switch fits the bill well for that use case,” said Henry Goodman, Director of Product Management at Calrec. “For projects involving larger networks, the Quarra 10G version allows for more expansion.”

Price point isn’t the only reason Calrec has standardized on Artel’s Quarra switches for Type R projects. The company also points to Quarra’s ability to act as a PTP grandmaster, as well as the two SFP ports that, in the case of the Quarra 1G, allow up to two 2.5G SFPs to be fitted for switch-to-switch links.

Artel’s Quarra switch is rich in valuable networking features that support smart, flexible implementations. Because Quarra’s 1G Ethernet ports support 100Mbps rates, they allow connectivity of small-throughput edge devices into PTP-enabled media networks.

With the Quarra switch, users can employ VLANs to partition media traffic, create primary and secondary networks, and distribute PTP and network management traffic. The Quarra switch enables vital segmentation of PTP messages by allowing users to opt for boundary clock mode, transparent clock mode, or a mix of the two in the same network.

Calrec encourages customers to take advantage of IGMP to help manage network traffic, and the Quarra switch supports all versions of IGMP to ensure seamless joins of senders and receivers.


With Artel’s Quarra switches meeting its requirements in terms of pricing and functionality, Calrec can specify complete solutions with confidence. The company enjoys the simplicity of working with and supporting a single switch type across a variety of deployments and use cases, and this frees up time and resources to focus on ensuring each project addresses the specific needs of the customer.

With stable performance, straightforward configuration, intuitive operation, and support for the latest standards and specifications of AoIP, Artel’s Quarra switches provide lasting value to Calrec customers.

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