Teaming Up With TecNec


At Artel we focus on delivering the products and functionality our customers need. This commitment drives every part of our business. It’s also the reason we have built longstanding relationships with companies like TecNec Distributing.

As a leading value-added distributor of pro AV, broadcast, and pro audio products whose own customers include professional audio/visual integrators, dealers, and consultants, TecNec knows the industry — the people, the companies, the technology — inside and out. Equally important, the company shares our commitment to providing customers with top-notch solutions and support.

Paul Seiden, our director of international and channel sales, has ties to the company that go back decades, and he keeps up the connection with visits at trade shows, online meetings, and on-site trainings. Just as TecNec serves as an extension of the Artel sales team by making our products available to key integrators and dealers, Paul and others here at Artel serve as an extension of the TecNec engineering team.

“I’ve known Paul pretty much since I’ve started, and he’s always been very easy to work with,” says Brian Brock, sales engineer and team leader at TecNec. “Any time we need a quote, lead time, help designing a system, and so on, he’s always right on it. We sell a lot of different product lines, and it’s great having Paul and the Artel team on the other side ready to dig in and answer the questions we need answered. I’ll ask customers what they want to do, and then I can go right to Paul for a solution.”

Being a top distributor in the U.S., TecNec supplies products and solutions to some of the world’s largest integrators.

Recent TecNec projects incorporating Artel gear include a series of courthouse installations leveraging our FiberLink 4040/4041 series for audio transport and installations at various broadcast stations to enable transport of video over fiber. In corporate environments, solutions supplied by TecNec use Artel FiberLink systems to help move media and data across facilities and to video displays. Our gear also supports AV networks at numerous university sports venues, thanks to TecNec.

Because we share these successes and a solid partnership with TecNec, we know that our products will be on the table if they fit the requirements of a project. For our part, we work to make sure that the product we provide to TecNec (and any other customer) will play well with any other systems that make up a solution.

“At any given time, we’re working on building solutions for a variety of clients and projects, so we appreciate being able to get technical input from the Artel team so quickly,” adds Brock. “We also appreciate the reliability of Artel product. We supply solutions for a lot of mission critical applications, and we are always confident that Artel products will work just the way they should.”

As a one-stop shop with everything it takes to build complete solutions, TecNec brings Artel product — FiberLink, InfinityLink, and Quarra — into a variety of larger projects and installations. Working together seamlessly, we both achieve our goal of providing the customer with the best possible solution.

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