Introducing the world’s first battery operated 3G/HD/SD-SDI fiber optic transmission system for in-the-field use!

The Fiberlink SDI Beamer can be powered externally or via an internal 9-volt battery. Used in conjunction, the 9V battery acts as a fail-safe, glitch-free backup should you lose power.

The Fiberlink SDI Beamer supports 3G, HD and SD-SDI data rates per SMPTE specifications and works with both Single Mode and Multimode fiber right out of the box!

The Fiberlink SDI Beamer is  perfect for broadcast or corporate studios, broadcasting in the field, OB vans, rental & staging, auditoriums, stadiums and theaters, airport or transportation hubs, distance learning, and more!


3112 Transmitter – Optical Output

ST, with chain-attached dust cap
Emitter Type
FP Laser
Output Power
-8 dBm Min (Single Mode) -3 dBm Min (Multimode 50u/62.5u)
1310nm (nominal)
3112 Transmitter – Serial Video BNC Input

Data Rate Range
19.4 Mbps to 2.97 Gbps
Automatic up to 100m of Belden 1694A at 3.0 Gbps, 200m at  1.485 Gbps and 350m at 270 Mbps
Number of Inputs
Re-clocked Data Rates
270 Mbps (SMPTE 259M, DVB-ASI-270), 1.485 Gbps (SMPTE 292),  2.97 Gbps (SMPTE 424M-2006)
Return Loss
>10dB up to 2.97 Gbps
Supported Standards
SMPTE 259M, 292, 297-2006, 424M-2006, 305M, 310M, 344M, DVB-ASI
3113 Receiver – Serial Video BNC Input

Alignment Jitter
< 0.2 UI at 270 Mbps; < 0.2 UI at 1.485 Gbps; < 0.3 UI at 2.97 Gbps with color bar signal
DC Offset
0V  ± 0.5V
Number of Outputs
< 10% of amplitude
At 270 Mbps, 1.485 Gbps & 2.97 Gbps
Rise/Fall Time
< 135 ps at 2.97 Gbps per SMPTE 424M-2006; < 270 ps at 1.485 Gbps per SMPTE 292;  0.4 ns to 1.5 ns at 270 Mbps per SMPTE 259M
Signal Level
800mV  ± 10%
Timing Jitter
< 0.2 UI at 270 Mbps; < 1.0 UI at 1.485 Gbps; < 2.0 UI at 2.97 Gbps with color bar signal
3313 Receiver – Fiber Optic Input

ST, with chain-attached dust cap
Maximum Input Power
0 dBm
Minimum Input Sensitivity
-18 dBm at 2.97 Gbps; -20 dBm at 1.485 Gbps -20 dBm at 270 Mbps;
1100 – 1620 nm
Beamer Series General Specifications

Approximate Internal Battery Life
3 hours, 30 minutes with Lithium battery 1 hour, 50 minutes with Advanced Alakaline battery 1 hour, 30 minutes with Alakaline battery
2.4 x 4.47 x 1.06 (in)
60.96 x 113.53 x 26.92 (mm)
175,000 Hours
Operating Temperature
-10o C to +50o C
External 9-24 volts DC or user supplied internal 9 volt battery. Internal battery can be used for glitch-free backup to external power source or battery only operation.
Power Connector
Coaxial type with locking threads; 5.5mm O.D., 2.1mm I.D.
Power Disipation
Transmitter: 1.20 Watts, 4.09 BTU/hr Receiver: 1.20 Watts, 4.09 BTU/hr
Internal Battery On/Off
4.23 oz. with batt., 2.60 oz without batt.


  • Equalized transmitter input and re-clocked receiver output
  • Supports 3G/HD/SD-SDI and DVB-ASI transmission
  • SMPTE compliant electrical and optical inputs and outputs insures interoperability
  • Support both multimode and single mode fibers• Immunity to pathological patterns
  • Exclusive Artel optical circuit design for unmatched performance
  • Wide range optical link budget
  • Industry preferred ST optical connector with chain-attached ST dust cap
  • Wide power supply options: internal 9 volt battery, external DC power, AC adapter
  • Locking ring power connector
  • Long 5 hour battery life
  • Glitch-less battery backup when using external power source and internal 9 volt battery
  • Compatible with all other Artel FiberLink SDI products
  • 3G/HD/SD-SDI – This product supports SMPTE complaint 3G, HD and SD-SDI data rates.

Quick Start Guide