Control roomBroadcasting is one of the fastest changing businesses in today’s technology sphere. Not only has it moved from analog to digital and dramatically increased in resolution since the NTSC television set in the 1960’s living room, broadcasting today is catering to consumer demand for programs delivered anywhere, anytime to any device.

Over the air signals are no longer dominant as broadcasting transitions to IP technology and linear program streams morph into viewing on-demand. New players delivering programming only over the Internet are competing successfully with traditional players like television stations, cable and satellite services. Where it will end, no one knows.

FCC-mandated auctions in the coming months will change the broadcast business models forever and increase bandwidth for video over IP mobile technology. With shifts from high definition to even higher resolutions on a wider array of platforms, the industry is in the midst of seismic change.

All of the different players are experimenting with a variety of new business models that can each have a unique approach to media transport. From live news programming delivered via smartphones to ultra high-definition immersive sporting events, each program vendor is optimizing coverage for the lowest cost and most efficient technological methods.

Production is now global, with technical control in one city and cameras in another to reduce the cost of moving crews around the world. Delivering these broadcasts in real time to multiple platforms becomes a key challenge for ensuring market share.

Whether it’s creating an IP broadcast infrastructure or using fiber optics technology for transporting video feeds from an event venue to a studio, Artel provides innovative media transport solutions to support all types of professional video applications.

From working with call letter television stations in regional markets to enabling major international networks and telcos, Artel offers the mission-critical pieces needed to get broadcast-quality video from point “A” to “B.”

To find the right solution to meet your media transport needs, use our Product Selector. For additional assistance email us at or contact us at 978-263-5775.


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