Govt BannerThe reliability of video, audio, and data communications is perhaps more critical to the government than any other application. Such communications equipment must be reliable, built to optimum standards, and be simple to operate while providing a high level of security.

Artel offers solutions ideal for government and military installations. Engineered with government and military applications in mind, no FiberLink products store, in whole or in part, any transmission data in any of its components or circuitry. Should the physical transmitter or receiver fall into unauthorized hands, they have no potential to discover or reclaim your transmission. Since FiberLink products transmit over fiber, your transmission cannot be intercepted or eavesdropped upon, nor can it be disrupted by electrical noise.

Government entities know they can depend on our reliable and easy-to-deploy DigiLinkInfinityLink, and FiberLink solutions for their video, audio, and data feeds. As a world-class provider of innovative IP- and fiber-based media transport solutions, we work directly with government agencies, contractors, and resellers to provide solutions for the most sensitive, mission-critical government and military operations.

To find a solution to meet your needs, please use our Product Selector. For additional information, email us at and a representative will contact you. For immediate assistance contact us at 978-263-5775

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For your convenience, our DigiLink, InfinityLink, and most FiberLink products are available on the GSA Price List.

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334418    Printed Circuit Assembly (Electronic Assembly) Manufacturing
334419    Other Electronic Component Manufacturing
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334513    Instruments and related products Manufacturing for Measuring, Displaying, and Controlling Industrial Process Variables