Houses of WorshipDuring the past decade, houses of worship have undergone dramatic change. Attendees are increasingly diverse, multimedia screens are more abundant in worship services, venues themselves are getting larger, and alternative services at multiple locations are not uncommon.

Much of this is due to the evolving lifestyles of more technology-inclined members as they pursue additional options to worship in their busy lives. New members, young and old, are seeking the same audio/visual experiences for their worship as they do in other parts of their lives.

Video, the main communications medium of a new generation, has become mainstream as a way to grow the church and reach diverse church members at a cost often less than constructing a new building and hiring more staff. Houses of worship have interconnected venues with video via fiber optic networks, while others have established their own television and radio networks for broadcast of services.

Reliance on professional quality video transport is now essential. Many houses of worship operate their own video departments and have full-time staffs dedicated to maintaining a broadcast infrastructure rivaling that of small networks. Church infrastructures include investment in media equipment for optimal video transmission to remote, satellite locations, and televised broadcasts and many houses of worship are constantly upgrading or expanding their video transport abilities as they grow.

Artel, a world-class provider of innovative IP- and fiber-based media transport solutions, supports houses of worship that require the flexibility and reliability of equipment to ensure the high caliber content and fidelity of their worship broadcasts.

Our FiberLink and InfinityLink products for fiber optic broadcasts ensure that houses of worship can convert and transmit video efficiently, reliably, and more economically to any location. Our IP network infrastructure components allow us to build the most modern, cost effective media networks of the future.

Artel is available to assist you. Our customer care team is available to help determine your transport options and design the most cost-effective solution to meet your needs. To learn more, contact our Customer Care team at 978-263-5775 or email us at and a representative will assist you.

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