Telecom SolutionsThe need for reliable telecommunications infrastructure has long been a driving force in the design of communications equipment in the US and around the world.

Today’s telecommunications industry provides the primary feeds for the world’s most watched news, sports, and entertainment events. To accommodate the every-growing demand for more video content, faster networks, and higher quality telecom, cable, and other service providers have moved to more complex IP, satellite, fiber-optic infrastructures to move signals around the globe.

Telephone companies are some of the largest system integrators in the world. When the costs of interrupting mission-critical live video feeds are considered, and the potential impact on customer revenues are taken into account, telecom companies, in almost all circumstances require NEBS compliant product to help ensure that products will be capable of being installed in a common equipment building with large quantities of other electronic devices, and that they will continue operating reliably even if the normal environmental controls are impaired for days at a time.

To meet the growing needs of networks transitioning to IP, Artel developed the SMART Media Delivery Platform™. The SMART Media Delivery Platform’s small footprint, true data networking and transport versatility, software-defined functionality, and high density opens up new opportunities for media transport and broadcast applications and allows for a seamless transition as IP networks evolve.

Using, Artel’s NEBS compliant DigiLink media transport solutions can improve the bottom line for both carriers and their customers. Artel’s DigiLink media transport platform is deployed in thousands of mission critical video-links by the world’s largest telecommunications companies, becoming the industry’s gold standard for simplicity of design ultimate reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

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