Satellite SolutionsSatellite communications has long been a global standard for the distribution of media and data. Broadcast television and radio, broadband data, telephony, and industrial applications occupy growing segments of satellite services provided throughout the world.

While satellites have a high initial cost, the benefits of using satellite technology are their lower cost and wide coverage over large geographic areas. With such a huge, spread out infrastructure, there are thousands of satellite gateways, control stations, dishes, and associated equipment located throughout the world.

Operations departments responsible for pulling in satellite feeds for news or sports are always faced with inaccurate information about the satellite signal and a host of other information needed to adjust the satellite receiver to pick up the proper signal from SNG (Satellite News Gathering) mobile trucks, fixed based operations, and portable back pack transmitters. Although every effort is made to coordinate the correct settings, even small errors in frequency or other settings results in a failure to lock onto the signals. Frustrated operators frantically make adjustments to lock in the signal, but find themselves searching a satellite which could take precious minutes in ‘getting the feed’ on the air.

Artel’s award-winning DLC510 L-Band Demodulator and Satellite Scanner offers satellite operations and engineering departments a quick and accurate solution to finding those errant satellite signals without complicated test equipment or highly skilled operators or engineers.

Learn how a global news network saved valuable time using the InfinityLink media transport chassis and the DLC510.

The DLC510 is fully integrated into Artel’s DigiLink and the newly introduced InfinityLink media transport solutions, enabling ASI to IP conversion and ASI routing using other modules or FiberLink®products for transport over IP or fiber networks.

Learn more about Artel’s L-Band to ASI Demodulator and Satellite Scanner.

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Crystal and Artel Solve Signal Acquisition Challenge for Global News Network

Automated solution simplifies downlink of contribution news feeds for global news channels. Crystal, a provider of advanced software control systems, and Artel, a provider of real-time multimedia delivery solutions, have teamed to solve a vexing signal acquisition challenge for a leading global news network, which consumed valuable staff time in its broadcast center.