ScanDo HD Troubleshooting

These are common problems experienced by ScanDo owners. If you cannot find the solution to your problem here, we encourage you to review our educational materials and your product manual prior to contacting support.

Nothing seems to be working

Are any of the green LEDs lit on the front panel? If not, check to make sure that the AC power cord is connected and plugged into the AC wall outlet and the power switch on the rear panel is On.

Check to make sure that the computer is properly sending out a DVI-D or analog RGB signal by plugging the monitor directly into the computer’s video output.

There is no video on the DVI Loop-thru or the SDI outputs

It is important for most PC’s with a DVI output to have the DVI monitor connected at the time the PC is booted. When using the ScanDo HD with a PC having a DVI output, make sure the ScanDo HD’s DVI input is connected to the PC’s DVI output and the ScanDo HD is On before the PC is booted. Failure to do so may cause the PC to fail to recognize a DVI monitor is connected and shut off all DVI signaling from the DVI output of the PC.
Press the Test button to see if you get color bars on the SDI outputs. If you do get color bars, then the problem is related to your input signal. Check the items mentioned in the above bullet. If you do not get color bars, the problem is related to your output.

When using a laptop, try turning off the laptop’s LCD screen and having the video signal output through the external port only.

The color on the TV monitor is different than the computer monitor

The colors on your SDI monitor will never exactly match the colors on your computer monitor because each of these devices reproduce color differently. It is also likely that the color temperature of each monitor is set differently.

There is no fiber optic output

Check to make sure that Fiber Optic Output is turned On by pressing the ALTERNATE FUNCTION button and then the FIBER button. The factory default setting is off.

For additional support, please refer to your ScanDo manual, complete the Request Information Form, or contact Artel at 978-263-5775