The Fiberlink 6650 Optical Power Meter is a high accuracy, high resolution, microprocessor controlled optical power meter. It has a wide 65 dB dynamic range, and is calibrated to measure 850, 1300, 1310, and 1550nm, making it ideal for both singlemode and multimode fiber testing, as well as 1490nm for measurement of FTTx PON networks.

It has an attractive handheld case with an easy-to-read graphical liquid crystal display and a 2-key keypad for easy operation. It is offered with a 2.5mm universal fiber connector for easy connection to ST, SC, and FC connectors, will operate for over 250 hours on a standard high-capacity 9v battery,andhasbuilt-inautoshutdown. The built-in charger port allows for wall power operation, as well as for charging 9-volt re-chargeable batteries.

The Fiberlink 6650 can store reference values for each wavelength to be used for optical loss measurements, and can display measurements in dBm,dB,andmicrowatts. The on-screen battery capacity indicator doubles as the battery charger display.