ServicesWhether you are designing a new project; migrating toward IP broadcast networks; or require product, application,industry, or technology training; or need the peace of mind you get only from leading expert support Artel Care Service offers solutions to meet your needs.

Professional Services
Artel has been devoted to design excellence for more than 35 years. Our team of experts are available to assist in planning, deploying, and maintaining your Artel investment.

Solutions Training (Artel Academy)
Artel Academy offers training courses to equip you with the knowledge and expertise to optimize and maintain your Artel equipment. Artel Academy training is offered at our headquarters or at your facility to fit your business needs.

Technology Training New
Industry-focused training for video broadcast and IP networking professional is available to organizations looking to equip their teams with the knowledge and expertise to manage the transition to IP. Artel technology training courses are non-product specific to meet the needs of any organization. Courses are offered at your facility and can accommodate 6-20 attendees.Customer Support (Artel Care)
Artel has always recognized the importance of supporting mission-critical primary feeds for sports, news, and other live events. Artel Care offers customer support options that are available to meet your support needs throughout the life of your equipment.

Artel Services