DigiLink Manager (DL Manager) is an HTTP and SNMPv2 based Element Management System (EMS) for monitoring, configuration, and management of DigiLink chassis, function modules, optics, and power supplies. Embedded in the DigiLink chassis and all its elements, it requires no external software or add-ins to monitor and configure all active elements of the platform.  DL Manager is compatible with all HTTP compatible systems, features a time-stamped log of key information about chassis activity, and is capable of monitoring and managing multiple chassis through a single Ethernet connection. With integrated SNMPv2, DL Manager can easily integrate into third party NMS.

SNMPv2c and web monitoring and management of

  • DigiLink chassis
  • Function modules
  • Power supplies


  • Auto detect cards and configurations
  • Major and minor alarms and events
  • Detailed card status
  • Alarm status
  • Alarm details
  • Receive light levels
  • Temperature
  • Video status and rates


  • Configure function (transmitter/receiver/repeater)
  • Change input source (BNC or other module in chassis)
  • Configure IP settings
  • Enable or disable features and channels

Non-volatile time stamped event log

  • Major/minor alarms
  • Startup sequence
  • New hardware installation
  • Configuration modifications
  • Video presence
  • Update of firmware
  • Revision status


  • Download/upgrade firmware on function modules, power supplies, and backplane
  • Download/upgrade management software

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