Artel Releases White Paper on Seamless Protection Switching

Artel Video Systems, is pleased to announce the availability of our latest white paper, “Broadcasters Can’t Miss With Hitless Technology.” The paper describes hitless (or seamless) protection switching and its ability to provide long-term error correction in a live-television environment. The white paper is available for download here

“Smooth, uninterrupted video and audio streams provide the best possible viewing and listening experiences, so broadcasters have long been interested in technologies that can reduce or eliminate the number and intensity of signal disruptions — especially in the case of longer-term outages with dozens or hundreds of consecutive lost packets,” said Rafael Fonseca, Vice President Product Management, Artel. “Hitless protection switching overcomes the limitations of forward error correction and packet retransmission protocols, and provides a field-proven way to reliably deliver signals across many different network topologies.”

Hitless protection switching was developed specifically to address both short-term and long-term outages that occur on wide area networks. With ever-increasing demands for transporting high-bandwidth signals at improved quality levels, hitless protection switching has become a valuable tool for broadcasters. Multiple equipment and service providers have demonstrated interoperability between devices that support SMPTE ST 2022-7. It is the only available technology that can withstand partial network outages lasting multiple seconds, and it has the flexibility to support uncompressed UHD video and 10 Gbps data flows.

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