Calrec Commissions Quarra Switches Remotely Over IP for RTHK

Quarra 10G PTP Ethernet Switch Left med

Earlier this year, Calrec specified Artel Quarra switches as part of an audio-over-IP (AoIP) project for Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK). Working with its local distribution partner, Jolly Pro Audio, Calrec completed a fully remote commissioning of two new Type R radio stations for RTHK and demonstrated that broadcasters can continue adoption of media over IP even within their current business continuity schema.

For this particular installation, Calrec’s support team connected remotely to two AoIP switches (for primary and secondary connections) and two Type R cores. Engineers then configured eight Type R IO boxes (four AES and four analog), two third-party MADI boxes, a dedicated Sonifex PTP grandmaster clock (plus a redundant spare), two PTP switches (primary and secondary), and several POE switches.

Calrec used SMPTE ST 2022-7 to create primary and secondary connections to the grandmaster. Use of the ACL protocol allows only PTP traffic between the Quarra switches.

The resulting IP switching infrastructure grants RTHK easy access to signals throughout the facility, distributes PTP timing as needed, and enables the broadcaster to leverage AoIP in producing its radio programs.

The Quarra product line offers both PTP and traffic management features well-suited to this project. The switches are easy to use, they boot quickly, and they boast a boundary clock and QoS management. Equally important, extensive interoperability testing of Quarra switches with Calrec equipment successfully eliminated any surprises as the infrastructure at RTHK was taken live.

Thanks to great relationships with partners such as Calrec, Artel supports the ongoing IP migration by broadcasters and media facilities around the world. Calrec’s successful project with RTHK is a wonderful example of how IP transformations and complex AoIP setups can continue to be implemented even when remote engineering and technical support are a must.

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