The IP Migration: More Than a Technical Refresh

The transition to IP requires not just a technical shift, but also a cultural shift — and it’s never wise to underestimate the challenges that come with new ways of working!

One of the largest changes for organizations moving to IP is a much greater emphasis on IT- and IP-related technical know-how. You’ll likely need to train existing personnel on current IP technology, guiding them through the transition away from familiar SDI systems and workflows to operations in the IP realm. If you choose to bring on new staff members who can immediately boost the IP expertise within your company, you may have to provide training to get those experts up to speed on broadcast-industry technologies and techniques.

As you create a bridge between traditional broadcast and new IP-based solutions and workflows, you’ll want to recognize the fact that this transition represents a major change for the industry, and particularly for broadcast industry professionals with decades of experience. So, think about creating continuity as you shift to newer technologies — continuity between old technologies and new, and continuity across old ways of working and new.

A great place to start is in recognizing the value of long industry experience and the immense value that conventional broadcast infrastructure has supplied in supporting the advance of media and entertainment. Validate the knowledge and skill of people who have made your SDI-based operations a success.

You might then focus on how this knowledge and experience can be transferred into the context of IP. At the same time, make it easy for staff members to learn the new skills they will need to continue performing their job roles as your organization makes the shift to IP.

While much will change, many aspects of creating and distributing quality programming will remain constant, even if only general terms. The shift to IP-based operations will change the way people work, but fundamental values will continue to drive the business. Your organization’s core values really do motivate employees to perform, grow, and stay, but only if they are clearly defined and communicated.

Over time, new ways of working in IP ultimately will offer benefits both to the individual and to the overall organization. Ideally, you will be able to move your whole organization over the SDI-IP bridge with relative ease and begin taking advantage of the near-infinite possibilities that come with the transition to IP.


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