Artel’s CWDM optical multiplexers create a comprehensive set of optical multiplexing solutions for the InfinityLink media transport platform.  These modules, in conjunction with InfinityLink modules or third party equipment, allow the creation of flexible, space and fiber-efficient optical networks.


Odering Information and Specifications
Please refer to the CWDM Optical Multiplexers Datasheet for ordering information and specifications.

Optical multiplexer features

  • Low optical losses
  • Passive design for reliability
  • Bi-directional
  • Industry standard LC/PC connectors
  • Most modules include expansion port (passes all other wavelengths)
  • Compatible with InfinityLink and DigiLink chassis
  • For single-mode fiber

CWDM features

  • Industry standard ITU G.694.2 wavelengths
  • Optically multiplex up to 8channels over a single fiber
  • 4 or 8 channel options
  • Multiple 4 channel options