Quarra PTP Ethernet Switches Hit New Milestone: Deployment in Asia, Europe, and North America

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Artel Video Systems announced that its Quarra series of PTP-aware managed IP switches has now been installed in facilities across Asia, Europe, and North America. Known for providing industry-leading accuracy in IEEE 1588-compliant timing and synchronization, Quarra switches are being deployed around the world in radio and television broadcast stations, multimedia/multiplatform production facilities, live performance environments, and other general switching applications requiring PTP.

“Quarra has been at the forefront of the industry’s migration to IP because its physical design and feature set give users the flexibility needed to maximize the benefits of IP and to remain agile as they address future challenges,” said Rafael Fonseca, Vice President of Product Management, Artel Video Systems. “IP technologies are enabling an unprecedented convergence of audio and video content production tailored to modern multiplatform media consumption. Providing the exceptional timing essential to media over IP, Quarra sits at the heart of IP infrastructure supporting exciting new content-creation workflows.”

The Quarra line of PTP IP switches complements Artel’s overall media delivery portfolio, offering end users an excellent solution set for delivering real-time media over IP networks. As the broadcast industry continues to migrate toward all-IP networks, devices in the Quarra family enable the precise timing and synchronization that drive signal delivery from acquisition to consumer.

Quarra switches support SMPTE ST 2110 and ST 2059-2, and AES-67, so they provide application flexibility between mixed networks. The switches are RAVENNA AES67-approved and Dante- and QSC-tested. Quiet operation and straightforward configuration make the Artel switches ideal not only for audio/video broadcast, but also for live performance environments.

Quarra has been deployed recently at state-of-the-art media facilities including MEDIAparc in Switzerland, broadcast facilities including RTHK in Hong Kong, educational institutions such as University of Freiburg in Germany, and live performance venues including a prominent North American opera house.

“IP is growing more accessible and more mainstream by the day, and Quarra is proving to be a popular solution for both integrators and end users as they move into this new world,” added Fonseca. “We’re seeing facilities use Quarra to realize the possibilities of IP and transform their approach to production.”

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