Campus NetworksVideo, the new language of communication, is now deeply ingrained in all aspects of campus networks. College classrooms go beyond physical buildings on campuses to access classes on devices anywhere at anytime. Business and industry IT departments are providing a wide range of video and data services for surveillance and security, campus and corporate communications, video conferencing, maintenance monitoring of equipment, and more.

As universities, manufacturers, hospitals, corporations, and other multi-building institutions look to implement video technologies to optimize the learning experience, reduces costs, improve safety, etc., high-quality media transport becomes increasingly more important.

Our InfinityLink and FiberLink solutions offer a broad range of products to meet the specific needs of your department. Artel’s InfinityLink IP- and fiber-based media transport solutions are ideal for centralized campuses and long-distance transmissions and FiberLink offers a full range of affordable fiber transmission products.

The ARQ IP Streaming Systems provide a scaleable OTT solution for the distribution of high-quality video over unconditioned IP networks, including wireless, the internet, and satellite.

Artel has been servicing institutions for more than 30 years with solutions for broadcast, sports and education, government, military, corporate campuses, houses of worship, industrial and transportation applications and more.

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