Switching & Routing

Artel has built into the DigiLink DL4360x and DL4120 chassis an internal routing capability that allows users to remotely route native video and Ethernet traffic from module to module without the need of external connections of routers. Creating a simplified media transport solution with integrated routing significantly lowers costs, increases reliability, and eliminates conversion latency.

Routing & Switching Map

The internal routing and switching in our DigiLink chassis reduces operational and capital expenses by eliminating the need for additional equipment and reducing truck rolls to address a change in transport requirements.

DigiLink is an ideal solution for remote sites where immediate and timely reconfiguration is required. Embedding DL-Manager, a simple on-board HTTP and SNMP management system, into the DigiLink switch module enables anyone with access to a web browser to route video and Ethernet, change functions and features, and monitor the DigiLink chassis.

For maximum flexibility, multiple I/O modules can be deployed in the DigiLink system to create space-efficient optical and electrical video routers.

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